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" The most important thing in business is honesty, family and to never forget where you came from "

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Deciding to invest in the equity markets should not be made frivolously. It is essential that you have the funds available and more importantly the advice you can trust. Trust is not something generated by automated procedures, by call centres, by online order placing. It takes personal contact, which is exactly what YTM Stockbrokers offer.

When joining as a client, you’ll be assigned an account manager. Their job will be to get to know you, your circumstances, your attitudes to risk and your investment style and objectives. Your broker is your primary point of contact. If you are not compatible with your assigned broker we want to know about it. Similarly, changes in your investment objectives and attitude to risk must be known. We place a high importance on the client/broker relationship. Trust is our middle name.

Advice and Approachability
Our customers are our single most important asset. Before any dealings are undertaken, it is our priority to get to know you as a client. In turn, we can offer advice specific to your situation, your needs and your investment objectives.

Our clients say that we offer a great combination of approachability and sincere advice. Whilst your assigned broker is your primary contact, many of our clients have found they can speak to other members of staff when they have required immediate advice and execution.

Client Creation and Retention
Our expansion has been a result of both client creation and retention. Company growth has been a result of retaining existing clients while adding new ones. Our philosophy is simple - if you can’t keep clients, then there’s no point attracting them!

Family Values
Investors often speculate the markets to achieve future growth and wealth creation for their families. We pride ourselves in that we conduct our internal broking activities in a similar manner. Our team is employed with that in mind at all time. Furthermore, we adopt a ‘family’ type attitude and approach to all members of staff and clients. The ‘Every Man For Himself’ attitude does not exist at YTM Stockbrokers.

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