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What is 'Going Long'?
In essence it is buying an asset, taking the view that the asset will rise in value.
What is 'Going Short'?
Shorting is the mirror image of buying an asset. If an asset is shorted and the price of the asset falls, a profit will be made. The mechanics of ‘going short’ involve borrowing an asset from one source, selling it to a third party and then buying it back at some point in the future (hopefully after the price has dropped) to return it to the initial holder.
What is the Bid/Offer Spread?
The spread is the difference between the selling price and the purchase price for investments. This consists of the ‘bid’ and ‘offer’ prices. When you ask a broker what price the shares of a company are trading at in the market, he will quote two prices: the ‘bid’ price is the price at which you can sell your shares, and the ‘offer’ price is the price at which you can buy them. The first is always lower than the second, and the difference between them is the spread. Market makers, who act like wholesalers in the stock market, make their profit from the spread - buying shares at the bid price and selling them at the offer price.
What is LIBOR?
LIBOR is the London Inter-bank Offered Rate. This is the interest rate that banks charge each other for loans. It is usually close to the Bank of England base rate.
What is LIBID?
LIBOR is the London Inter-bank Bid Rate. This is the rate at which banks bid for funds (or take deposits from each other). It can also be described as the rate at which banks can place money.
What is Stamp Duty?
A tax imposed on the buying of shares. This tax is collected by YTM Stockbrokers on behalf of their clients, and will appear on contract notes when shares are bought. Currently, stamp duty on share purchases applies at the rate of 0.5%. Stamp duty only applies to purchases of shares.

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