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" The overwhelming majority of my rated wealth consists of investments in companies that produce goods and services "

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Equities allow you to participate in the success of quoted public companies of all sizes from global multinationals (such as Blue Chips) to small capitalisation stocks (commonly referred to as Small Caps) through buying their shares or investing in corporate bonds.
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Contracts For Difference - A CFD is an instrument which allows an investor to profit from the price movement of an underlying security/equity. CFD trading leverages your funds in so far that it multiplies both gains and losses.
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FOREX - These are derivatives instruments which offer the investor an opportunity to ‘buy or sell a security, or a commodity, at a specified date and a pre-determined price. Most often used by hedge funds these are also suitable for the private ‘expert’ investor.
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Commodities - An alternative to share trading, commodities (like metals and foodstuffs) present profit making opportunities, through both prices rises or falls. They can be traded directly, or through derivative instruments, such as options and futures.
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